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  • The next "Sundays with the

    Mayor" will be Sunday October

    1, 2017, 12:00-2:00 PM at

    Bulldog Coffee Roasters

    787 Chestnut Ridge Rd

  • Ramapo Police advises

    residents to keep their car

    doors locked at all times.

    Public Safety
  • Starting July 5, all recyclables will

    be picked up every Wednesday.

  • Reflector Belts will be available to our residents, thanks to a

    generous donation from a thoughtful group of residents.

    Since supplies are limited,

    there is a limit of 2 belts per family.


    Public Safety
  • Cardboard Boxes should be

    flat and bundled and 

    put out for collection on 



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The Village of Chestnut Ridge has contracted with Interstate Waste to provide Garbage Removal, beginning on July 1, 2017.  New to the contract will be the collection of all recyclables every Wednesday.  Cardboard & Commingled still must be in separate containers.  There will be 2  trucks, one picking up commingled and one picking up paper/cardboard.  All other recycling rules, such as breaking down cardboard will apply. 


In addition, the Village would like to remind residents that all garbage, bulk or recycling needs to be out by 6:00 AM the day of pickup or after 6:00 PM the night before.   Pickup routes will be determined by Interstate so the timeframe for pickup in your neighborhood could change. 


Due to the ongoing construction work on Route 45, Interstate has informed us that they will be doing Chestnut Ridge Rd first thing(i.e. 6:00 AM), to avoid creating any additional congestion in the area and insure the safety of both their employees and the public. 




How to spot a real O&R Employee

O&R recently launched a new initiative designed to help customers better identify whether the utility worker who comes to their door is a real O&R employee or a fake one. This new initiative provides an added layer of identification of O&R representatives who have appointments to call on customers' residences to perform work.

The protection includes providing the customer with a unique service order number as well as a dedicated telephone number to call for verification:

In addition, all O&R employees and contractors are required to carry color photo I.D. cards during their workday. For unscheduled utility work at customers' homes, such as meter reading or emergency repairs, customers are urged to ask to see the utility worker's company identification card before admitting them to their homes or businesses or transacting any business with them.

Help us spread the word regarding this new layer of security. Please consider placing the information in your newsletters and on your websites and social media. Let me know if you would like me to send you artwork and/or a story draft. Thank you for your help and consideration.